8 Lamps 2KW 400nm Weather Accelerated UV Aging Tester

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: AISRY
Certification: ISO
Model Number: ASR-2135
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard export wooden case
Delivery Time: 15 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 200 sets per month
Detail Information
Temperature Range: RT+10℃~70℃ Humidity Range: ≥90 RH
Irradiance: Adjustable Within 2.0 W/m2 Effective Irradiation Area: 1100×550 X 400mm
UV Lamps: Philips UVA 340 UV Wavelength: 400nm--280nm
Lamp Tube Specification: 1200 Mm/8 Long Inner Box Size: 1100 *550*400 Mm
High Light:

280nm uv weathering chamber


400nm accelerated weathering chamber


2KW Aging Test Equipment

Product Description

8 Lamps Weather Accelerated UV Aging Test Chamber


UV aging test box is the most widely used UV accelerated test equipment in the world, in coatings, ink, plastics, leather, electronics and other industries widely used. It takes only a few days or a few cycles to reproduce the damage that can take months or years outside: ageing including fading, discoloration, pulverization, blurring, degradation of embrittlement and oxidation.


The damage of sunlight, rain and dew to the material is quickly and truly reproduced, and the single light resistance or single moisture resistance of the material is weakened or failed by the synergistic effect between ultraviolet light and moisture, so it is widely used to evaluate the climate resistance of the material.


UV weatherproof test box meets test standards

ASTM D4329-05 of Test Method for Exposure of Light Source in Plastic Laboratory

ASTM of instrument operation methods for UV aging of nonmetallic materials

Fluorescent UV Lamp for Artificial Climate Aging Test of Rubber and Plastic Materials

ISO-4892-3:2006 of fluorescent UV lamps


8 Lamps 2KW 400nm Weather Accelerated UV Aging Tester 0


I. Equipment performance parameters
Temperature range RT+10℃~70℃
Humidity range ≥90 RH
Irradiance Adjustable within 2.0 W/m2
Effective irradiation area 1100×550 X 400mm
UV Lamps Philips UVA 340
UV wavelength



Lamp tube specification 1200 mm/8 long
Inner Box Size 1100 wide *550*400 mm high
Irradiating blackboard temperature 50℃~70℃
Controller Color Screen Touch Screen Korea (TEMI880)
Test cycle 1-9999 hours
Power supply voltage 220V 2KW
The test box can simulate the sunlight of nature (light) humidity (condensation) rainy days (spray)




Test box space Wide 1100 x deep 550 x 400 mm high


Dimensions Width 1340 deep 1250 x height 1560 mm
Unit material Inside and outside 304 stainless steel
Location of lamp installation 8 on top of inner box
Sprinkler position

Adopt copper tube diameter 0.8 m spray nozzle,

Single side control installed on top of unit

Position of humidifier A stainless steel U heating tube is used at the bottom to prevent leakage and automatic adding water to the inner tank to prevent dry burning of the heating tube


Controller Korea Sanyuan TEMI880  
Control panel size Color Touch
Control function Fixed values and program tests
Program space

Program Group 100

Repeatable command: up to 999

Memory function of power off program

Time adjustment, appointment time start

Temperature curve for instrument display

Connectable computer (optional)




1 blackboard temperature display value: display the actual blackboard temperature value induced by the probe ,(the same intensity of irradiation);

Set the temperature of blackboard: set the temperature of blackboard in this experiment.

Rain TS settings: set the operation mode of rain (ON/OFF, cycle 1~6 optional).




IV. The concept of ageing resistance
In the process of processing, storage and use of polymer materials, due to the combination of internal and external factors, their properties gradually become bad, resulting in the final loss of use value, this phenomenon is called aging, aging is an irreversible change, is a common problem of polymer materials, but people can through the study of the aging process of polymer, take appropriate anti-aging measures, improve the aging resistance of materials, delay the rate of aging, in order to achieve the purpose of prolonging the service life.

UVA340: can emit solar wavelengths from 315 nm to 400 nm. Its peak irradiation is at 340.

UVA340 comparison tests for different tests are particularly useful for best simulating sunlight in the short-wave ultraviolet band

UVA irradiance setting

W/m2 0.68

The sun shines at noon in the summer

Strong maximum

Quick results





Simulated summer noon sun




V. UV light

The first-order optical reaction is not sensitive to temperature change, however, the speed of the secondary reaction is closely related to temperature change. generally speaking, the reaction speed will be accelerated with the increase of temperature. therefore, during the UV exposure test, the temperature control is very important. it is more important to match the test temperature used in the accelerated test with the highest temperature encountered by the material in practical application. The temperature of the UV process in the equipment is set to any point in 50℃~70℃, depending on the illumination level and indoor ambient temperature. The temperature adjustment of the equipment is accomplished by a series of systems, such as air heater and water heater, which are directed by a controller with microcomputer calculus function.







VI. Humidity

As the temperature increases, the destructive power of moisture to the material will increase sharply. Therefore, temperature control is the most basic requirement in humid overgrowth. Further, the acceleration effect is required to maintain a high temperature environment during the wet process. so the temperature in the condensation process is set to 40℃~60℃ at any point.




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