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4.5 KW Xenon Lamp Weathering Test Environmental Test Chamber

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: AISRY
Certification: ISO
Model Number: ASR-CREE-5011B
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard export wooden case
Delivery Time: 15 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 200 sets per month
Detail Information
Studio Size (mm): (500×500)(wide × Deep) Temperature Range: 10℃~80℃
Blackboard Temperature: 63℃,100℃(deviation ±3℃) Temperature Fluctuation: ≤±0.5℃
Temperature Uniformity: ≤±2.0℃ Glass Filter: Borosilicate Glass
Xenon Lamp Power: 3 KW Heating Power: 4.5 KW
High Light:

Xenon Weathering Test Chamber


4.5 KW Environment Test Chamber


Xenon Weathering Test Chamber

Product Description

ASR-CREE-5011B Xenon Lamp Weathering Test Chamber Environment Test Chamber


I. Overview of the machine:

1. the xenon arc lamp which can simulate the full sunlight spectrum is used to reproduce the destructive light wave existing in different environments, it can provide corresponding environmental simulation and accelerated test for scientific research, product development and quality control.

2. SN xenon arc lamp test box can be used to select new materials, change existing materials or evaluate the change test of durability after the change of material composition, which can well simulate the changes caused by the exposure of materials to sunlight under different environmental conditions.

3. aging test was carried out by exposure of material sample to light and heat radiation of xenon arc lamp. to evaluate the light resistance and weather resistance of some materials under the action of high temperature light source. Mainly used in automobiles, coatings, rubber, plastics, pigments, adhesives, fabrics and so on.


4.5 KW Xenon Lamp Weathering Test Environmental Test Chamber 0

II. Main parameters:


Studio Size (mm) (500×500)(wide × deep)
temperature range 10℃~80℃
blackboard temperature 63℃,100℃(deviation ±3℃)
temperature fluctuation ≤±0.5℃
temperature uniformity ≤±2.0
glass filter borosilicate glass
xenon lamp light source imported water-cooled xenon arc light source
Xenon lamp power 3 KW
Total number of tubes 1
Heating power 4.5 KW
Sample tray size 970×980 mm
Continuous adjustable light cycle time 0~999 hours
Warrty  1 year


Spectral wavelength :295 nm~800 nm Irradiance range 100 W~800 adjustable.

16. The product is designed and manufactured strictly according to the technical parameters of the GB/T16422.2-99(2007.

also meet (GB/T1865-97(2007),GB/T9344-88,GB/T16422.2-99,GB/T2423.24-1995,ASTMG155,ISO10SB02/B04,SAEJ2527,SAEJ2412) standards


III. Conditions of use of equipment

1. ambient temperature :5℃~+35℃(average temperature within 24 hours ≤35℃)

2. Environmental Humidity :85% R.H ≤

3. operating environment needs to be below 35 degrees room temperature and well-ventilated, the machine before and after the placement of about 80 cm can not be placed anything;


4.5 KW Xenon Lamp Weathering Test Environmental Test Chamber 1

IV. Refrigeration system

(1), refrigeration systems and compressors

1. refrigeration compressor: original imported french "taikang" fully closed refrigeration unit.

2. Cooling mode: air cooling

3. Refrigerants: environmentally friendly refrigerant R404A

4. Main refrigeration accessories: Japanese "Heron Palace" solenoid valve; American "Emerson" drying filter, etc. Excellent quality domestic and foreign well-known brands of air-cooled condenser and fin multi-stage evaporator.

Advantages of (2), Refrigeration System

Greater reliability 1. improved lubricity and lower piston temperature;

2. streamline fuselage to improve airflow management, reduce pressure, improve refrigeration efficiency;

3. top discharge valve provides continuous minimum drain pulse;

4.SENTRONIC provide reliable lubrication protection system;

5. use of environmentally sound refrigerant R23,R404A (excluding CFC) not prohibited by the Montreal Convention or the London Amendment

6.CONSTRUCTIVE MAIN FEATURES box structure and main features



V. Introduction to the overall structure

1. the whole case is made of fine paint or stainless steel

9 optional); The inner wall material of the laboratory is SUS304 advanced anti-corrosion mirror stainless steel plate, the structure design is reasonable, the manufacturing technology is excellent, the inside and outside surface is beautiful. According to the temperature requirements of the laboratory, the thickness of the insulation layer is designed as mm.:100 (The top is a light box, with advanced design, open type convenient lamp tube maintenance and maintenance. )

2. the insulation material between the inner box and the outer box is high quality ultrafine glass fiber insulation cotton, which plays a good role in cold or hot insulation.

3. door and door frame with imported sealing material and unique silicone sealing structure, good sealing performance.

4. test box door structure: single door. Door locks, hinges and other hardware accessories for "KUNLONG" original accessories.

5. air duct in the box adopts a double circulation system, which is composed of a long shaft axial flow fan, a stainless steel multi-wing centrifugal wind turbine and a circulating air duct. The temperature in the upper air outlet and the lower air inlet is uniform, which improves the air flow rate, heating and cooling capacity, and greatly improves the temperature and humidity uniformity of the test box.

6. blackboard temperature: bimetallic blackboard thermometer;

7. heating system: fully independent system, Ni-Cr alloy electric heating heater;

8. temperature circulation system: adopt high temperature resistant low noise long shaft fan motor, high and low temperature resistant stainless steel multi-wing impeller, to achieve intensity convection vertical diffusion cycle;

9. installed 4 sprinklers at the top of the studio;

10. Control of irradiance: The required irradiance can be obtained by the automatic control of the regulated power by the radiometer (which is more accurate than the manual measurement method, since light decay during the lamp test cycle can not be guaranteed at a more accurate irradiance);

11. The panel displays directly the current lamp irradiance and cumulative radiation intensity;


Control system

4.5 KW Xenon Lamp Weathering Test Environmental Test Chamber 2


The intelligent radiation measurement and adjustment system developed by our company includes the control display interface of 16-bit true color touch screen, the radiation measurement sensing system and special optical fiber produced by Beijing Normal University. The display interface is as follows:

VI. Control display interface

1. automatic display of current irradiation intensity

2. intelligent adjustment of current irradiation intensity to set value

3. dynamic display of irradiation, turntable and other related functions

4. programmable control, program group 100 groups ,99 cycles


4.5 KW Xenon Lamp Weathering Test Environmental Test Chamber 3


(running interface);

5. temperature measurement range (-90.00℃-200.00℃, error ±0.2);

6. humidity measurement range (1.0-100% RH, error <1% RH);

7. communication interface (maximum distance RS232C/RS485, communication 1.2 km[ fiber up to 30 km]);

Program editing (100 programs available ,100 shared);

8. temperature sensor: PT100 platinum resistance temperature and humidity tester;

9. control mode: heat balance temperature regulation mode;

10. Electrical control components :" Schneider "and" Omron "components;


VII. Safety protection devices

1. fan overheating protection

2. integral equipment underphase/inverse protection

3. Refrigeration System Overload Protection

4. refrigeration system overpressure protection

5. Overtemperature Protection

6. water pump overheating, overcurrent protection

7. other leaks

8. water shortage indication

Automatic shutdown

9. fault alarm

Power supply and power supply

1. rated power :15 KW

2. Power: AC380V±10%,50 HZ

3. machine noise :≤70 db

4. weight: kg 680


4.5 KW Xenon Lamp Weathering Test Environmental Test Chamber 4

IX. Configuration of key components

Project Materials and Structures Specification/model Origin/brand





Color   Meter yellow/blue  

Outer material: cold rolled sheet, outer surface

Electrical spray treatment

Cold plate type: A3



Inner Material: Advanced Stainless Steel Plate SUS304
Insulation: Ultra-fine fiberglass cotton  
Connection device Imported stainless steel hinges   KUNLONG" of Taiwan
Sealing device High-grade sealing material and unique silicone sealing structure, reliable sealing, good anti-aging.   Taiwan Customized


Observation window


Radiation-proof glass window   Taiwan Customized
Cable holes Sealing device   KUNLONG" of Taiwan
Air duct circulation The structure of adjustable circulating air duct constitutes a reasonable air supply circulation system   homemade
Stainless steel multi-wing centrifugal fan φ158(mm) "Shang Yu" in Taiwan






Refrigeration system Refrigeration: Air-cooled    
Refrigeration compressor   France "Taikang"
Condenser   France "Taikang"
Flip Multi-stage Evaporator   France "Taikang"
Solenoid   "Heron Palace" in Japan
Dry filter EK-083S American EMERSON"
Environmentally friendly refrigerants R404A American DuPont
Heating device 316L stainless steel heating element   Taiwan Customized
Humidification unit External humidification system, drying at low temperature without water, easy to achieve low humidity control.   homemade
Heating element: stainless steel heating tube  
Temperature and humidity controller     TEMI" Korea





Capacity :1~99 programs  
1~99 steps per program  
One-step maximum 99 hours 59 minutes  
10 program links, each containing 6 programs  
Temperature measuring element Temperature sensor 2 PT100A Taiwan's "Songqi"
Execution element Solid State Relay SSR-40DA Taiwan's "Yang Ming"
AC contactor   Taiwan "Tai'an"
Intermediate relay NY2NJ Omron, Japan
Indicator Power supply, operation, stop, alarm TDLA16 Japan "Hequan"





Light source Air-cooled xenon lamp kw 1.8 American Q-Panel"



Protective devices Power overload protection, phase-deficiency protection and leakage protection  


"DANFOSS", etc

Control circuit overload, short circuit protection device  
High and low pressure protection and delay start protection device for compressor system  
Over-temperature protection device  
Water scarcity protection  
Equipment timing operation protection device  
Alarm alert  
Ground protective devices  
Water supply unit Automatic water supply unit   homemade

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